Fesarius Therapeutics demonstrates novel DermiSphere™ hydrogel successfully treats full thickness skin loss in one surgical step

Fesarius Therapeutics demonstrates novel DermiSphere™ hydrogel successfully treats full thickness skin loss in one surgical step

BROOKLYN, N.Y., June 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- FesariusTherapeutics, Inc., an emerging bioregenerative technology company focused on the development, manufacture and commercialization of product solutions for the Advanced Wound Care markets, today announced their latest peer reviewed publication describing their proprietary DermiSphere differential density collagen platform technology for treating complex wounds.

"Successful Reconstruction of Full-Thickness Skin Defects in a Swine Model Using Simultaneous Split Thickness Skin Grafting and Composite Collagen Microstructured Dermal Scaffolds" was published in Wound Repair and Regeneration, a leading journal in the wound care space. The peer-reviewed evidence indicates that in a porcine model of full thickness skin loss, DermiSphere™ could be implanted simultaneously with a split thickness skin graft, resulting in the restoration of both the dermal and epidermal layers of skin in just one surgical step. Analysis of the regenerated dermis demonstrated similar neodermal tissue maturity, thickness and vascularity compared to the market leader's product, but the new tissue was formed in two weeks less time and eliminated a second surgery.

"Fesarius Therapeutics demonstrates novel DermiSphere• hydrogel treats full thickness skin loss in one surgical step"

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Fesarius is developing DermiSphere™ to treat the debilitating and life-threatening condition of full dermal loss from surgical excision, trauma, infection or burn afflicting more than 350,000 U.S. patients annually. The global market for Skin/Dermal Substitutes products used to treat complex wounds is estimated at over $1.8 billion in 2023 and growing over 8% annually.

Yulia Sapir-Lekhovitser, Ph.D., Fesarius' co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer said, "We are honored that our work demonstrating the superior efficacy of DermiSphere™ has been accepted in this prestigious journal. The impressive results demonstrate the potential our micropatterned collagen constructs may bring to clinicians treating complex wounds and also highlighted the superiority of using DermiSphere™ to treat full thickness wounds versus skin graft alone.

Tom Roueche, President and CEO of Fesarius, commented, "This is yet further scientific evidence of the potential of the company's platform technology in treating patients with such incredibly destructive and complex injuries. We are proud of the extraordinary work of our scientists and our research partners in furthering the knowledge of our proprietary microsphere technology. The team at Fesarius remains focused on developing the next generation of advanced wound care products that will allow surgeons to improve the lives of their patients."

Fesarius Therapeutics, Inc. was formed in 2015 to leverage the unique technology developed by Jason A. Spector, MD, at the Laboratory of Bioregenerative Medicine and Surgery at Weill Cornell Medicine in NYC where he also serves as Chief of the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Spector was inspired to develop DermiSphere™ after experiencing the limitations of products currently available for treating full thickness skin loss and the negative impact they had on his patients. Fesarius is currently pursuing FDA authorization for DermiSphere™.


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