Mr. Anderson is a highly successful serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the medical device industry, particularly in non-traditional Orthopaedics and Biomaterials. His impressive career includes creating and growing several Orthopaedic organizations, such as Osteotech, Bionx Implants, Replication Medical, Orteq Sportsmedicine, Synergy Biomedical, and Gentis.

As the founder and executive vice president of Osteotech, Mr. Anderson played a critical role in its development and success. He also served as the CEO of Bionx Implants, leading the company to its position as a major player in the orthopedic industry.

In addition to his Orthopaedic expertise, Mr. Anderson served as the CEO of Kensey Nash, a leading biomaterials supplier to the global orthopedic industry, and Sterilox Technologies, a disinfection company.

Throughout his years as a hands-on manager in start-up and growth company operations, Mr. Anderson has raised over $275 million in capital, taken a company through the IPO route onto NASDAQ, and played a key role in multiple M&A transactions.

Currently, Mr. Anderson serves on the Board of Koru Medical and was part of the team that successfully sold ACell to Integra LifeSciences for a staggering $400 million. His exceptional skills and accomplishments in the industry have cemented his position as a highly respected and accomplished leader in the medical device field.

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