Frank DeLustro, Ph.D., is a renowned consultant and advisor with over 38 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He specializes in providing advanced services to cutting-edge device, biomedical, and drug companies seeking exceptional product innovation and rapid cycle time in product development.

Dr. DeLustro has a remarkable track record of success, having participated in senior management, company startups, and boards of directors. He served as President, CEO, and Director of Cohesion Corporation, Chief Scientific Officer of Cohesion Technologies, Inc., and Senior Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Collagen Corp, where he was instrumental in developing multiple FDA-cleared collagen products on the market today.

As a co-author of 48 publications and holder of 43 US patents, he has applied his expertise and insights to constructive interactions with company scientists, senior management, company founders, boards of directors, investment analysts, and venture capital organizations.

Dr. DeLustro's services have proven to be of unique value to early-stage companies and rapid growth emerging companies, making him a sought-after expert in the industry.

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