Dr. Yulia Sapir-Lekhovitser is an accomplished Chief Scientific Officer at Fesarius Therapeutics, leading all research and development efforts for the company's flagship DermiSphere products. Yulia was the first employee to join Fesarius in 2017 and was instrumental in successfully transferring the company's core technology out of Cornell.

Before joining Fesarius, Yulia served as a Research Scientist at Cresilon Inc., where she led R&D operations and drove product development in rheology and polymer science. She also played a significant role in research management and technology transfer efforts, collaborating with the departments of quality control, quality assurance, manufacturing, and regulatory affairs.

As a doctoral student at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Yulia designed and developed novel composite biomaterials for mammalian cell cultivation and stimulation within magnetic fields. She also designed a novel technique utilizing an atomic force microscope that enabled movement measurements of scaffolds within a magnetic field on 3-dimensional magnetic samples. During her 14-month term as a visiting researcher at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Yulia worked under the supervision of Dr. Boris Polyak.

With 8 peer-reviewed publications, including 2 book chapters, and a book related to biomaterials and their use in tissue engineering, Yulia is a well-respected expert in the field. At Fesarius, she continues to drive scientific progress and innovation, leading the company to even greater heights.

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